We all want a wamer winter do you?



Here is another great offer from RGK Maintenance, we can offer you a complete hearting package with a

Ferroli boiler, 7 high quality radiators including valves,7 lock shield

valves and top quality cleanser, inhibitor and lime beater.


And all this installed from as little as £1600



RGK Maintenance is a certified

gas safe, company with over

10years experience in plumbing,

heating and gas. As an ex British

gas engineer you are guaranteed,

quality and peace of mind.

We offer vast experience in

boiler insulations and repairs in

all makes and models.



Fantastic Ferroli offer

The ferroli comes complete with a mix of 6 different size radiators and

a chrome towel rail, with over 50 different sized radiators to choose

from all these radiators come with high quality thermostatic radiator

valves and lock shields


Ferroli Domicondondens 26HE ( high efficiency) Boiler is capable of

delivering 10 litres per minute of hot water. It has a passive flue gas heat

recovery recouperator system active during heating and hot water

production, Ferroli has an optional built in 7 day/ week

Digital programmer available which the heating can then be range rated

to suit a smaller system.

These boilers can easily fit into kitchen cupboards they are 700mm high

x 400mm wide x 330mm deep and have a elegant compact design.

RGK Maintenance is part of Ferroli support network and service

engineers and service agents.


Self diagnostics ,Ferroli guarantees parts labour for 2 years. Ferroli

boilers have microprocessor based software which provides pump

testing during periods of inactivity. They have a preheat hot water

facility to provide a rapid delivery to tap outlet.


These boilers are easily serviceable from front, only minimal side

clearances necessary so compartment ventilation required.


Ferroli have been established production of heating appliances and

equipment since the 1950’s, they have been making a wide range of wall

hung cast iron and welded steel boilers, making Ferroli one of the

largest and most successful heating appliance manufactures in the world

The popularity of Ferroli as first choice for both domestic and

commercial installations means that heating parts offer readily available

spares for Ferroli boiler. Ferroli have a fully stocked UK based

warehouse, which therefore enables same day dispatch of just about any

part needed you keep your Ferroli boiler running.


RGK Maintenance can carry out cost effective service and repair.

With environmental concerns becoming more and more important we

All need to ensure the protection of the worlds resources and the

reduction of the emissions of the harmful greenhouse gasses into the