You should ask yourself can your boiler cope?

Now we have had the first down pour of snow and we are all getting ready for winter, having your boiler and heating

system checked has never been more important with frozen condensate pipes and burst pipes due to such poor

weather conditions top of the agenda last year now is the time to act. external pipes that are not lagged need attention to stop freezing or bursting so don't delay time to get round to them forgotten jobs before the big day arrives and we are tucking into our Christmas dinner.


We at RGK Maintenance are taking things very serious and are offering

customers boiler servicing for a discounted rate if you take out our 2 year plan and a even better discount for

longer periods. We are also offering festive deals on a new a rated boiler with a cash back discount on the

entire range if you take a magnetic filter. All our boilers come with a chemical flush free of charge with every

boiler custom selected for your property because no ones home or requirements are the same which is why it is so

important to take of your heating system and then let it take care of you.


No one likes a cold shower so if your shower is luke warm or not working as it should time to call the plumbing

professionals and let us find the diagnosis and fix your shower before the family visit.


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