Dont get cold feet!


If you have never considered it before now is the time move away from the old style radiators and treat you and your home to the quality and reliability it deserves. All our underfloor heating systems are designed and planed to each properties specification. with rising gas bills here a just a few points to consider when thinking about underfloor heating.



1. Your existing Gas boiler runs at a much lower temperature When you have underfloor heating installed making it Much more efficient.


2. Most Standard radiators are often put under Or next to windows which is just about the worst place for them for heat output due to heat loss from the windows


3. With Underfloor Heating The heat comes from all over the floor making the distribution much more even and effective as well as eliminating cold spots and uneven heat in a room which means many central heating systems


produce more heat than they need to get the room to feel warm all over.


4. Standard central heating Radiators doesn't heat the floor well ( as heat rises from the radiators before


circulating down ) so Standard Convector Central heating is often set higher then it need be to stop people getting cold feet.



Ok so your now thinking underfloor heating sounds great! but do i want a wet system or a electric system?



We at RGK Maintenance Install both but we recommend wet underfloor heating rather then electric as it more economical to run per KW of every heat output than it is using electricity per KW an hour to run electric underfloor heating.



Cost of the installation down to the nitty gritty!


although it is cheaper to install electric underfloor heating it has higher running costs, Compared to

to the alternative of higher costs of installing wet underfloor heating but with the lower running costs,

it takes no time at all to realize the initial investment of the installation.'long term ie savings on gas

bills it will be cheaper to run a wet system.



So How Much Will it Cost?


The wet underfloor heating circuits cost around £18 to £28 per sq metre for systems laid in screed, which

equates to £90 to £140 for a 5 sq metre system, although for such a small space you would be advised to

choose electric underfloor heating.



How Much Will It Cost To Install?



Usually it costs between £35 and £45 per square meter depending on where in the country you are located,

as fitting rates will vary). also depending on the type of floor it is installed on.


What is the definition of a Wet System!


A Wet System is a water fed pipe system which runs directly under the floor like a loop back to a manifold they are also referred to as water underfloor heating systems. Warm water from your boiler system is circulated through continuous lengths of pipe embedded in the sub floor feeding a manifold. Wet Systems are especially suited to new floor constructions where the make-up of the sub floor can accommodate the new pipework, Insulation and cement screed. underfloor heating can also be used with oil and solid fuel systems.


What about Existing Properties


For existing floors, where the overall floor height can be an issue, an electric underfloor heating system would be the preferred option due to the low profile (3mm) of the heating cable. These systems are the ideal choice for refurbishment projects or wooden sub floors as you can lay laminate flooring directly to the electric underfloor heating circuit.'



What floors can i use underfloor heating with ?


Wooden flooring Yes, in fact the temperature is more evenly distributed with a underfloor heating system (than radiators which only expel heat in specific areas of a room), there is less likelihood of the flooring expanding and contracting.



What About Carpets?

Yes, carpet is not a problem, but bear in mind that it will act as an insulator (or barrier) to prevent the heat from circulating as efficiently as timber or laminate floor boards. For the underfloor heating to be effective,

the carpet and underlay should not have a tog rating of higher than 1.5.



What About Concrete Floors?

If a polished concrete floor is what you're going for, and it has yet to be laid, there is no problem using a

water fed underfloor system beneath/within the concrete. If the floor has already been laid, and you are planning to lay another floor type over it, you have two options.


to dig out channels to lay the new pipe work in, which may be very disruptive and is potentially very costly and can be impractical and/or unviable




you can lay a timber floor or sub floor on wooden joists above the concrete floor.

the new pipe work will be laid between the concrete floor and the timber and distribute heat.


How can I Regulate The Temperature In Each Room?


Each room can be fitted with its own individual circuit so it is a simple process to apply a room temperature control, a thermostat is fitted in the room and connected to an electrically operated valve on the circuit serving that room. whether its a touch screen, a wireless controller or just a standard controller the power is in your hands you can also have a touchpad touch screen controller which can control up to 32 zones you can remotely controls all zones from one point.


What Type of guarantee can i expect?


The pipes are guaranteed for up to 50 years in most cases. we have never gone out to a underfloor circuit that either we or anyone else has installed that has had to be dug up.



Where Can I Buy Underfloor Heating?


Come direct to us for the best discounts as we have negotiated great discounts due to our high purchasing of underfloor heating systems so look no further email us or call us today to find out more or just to seek advise!