Whether it be luke warm water or no hot water theres nothing more frustrating on a cold morning then getting into the shower to find its running hot then cold this is a typical and very common fault on heating systems


with scale/sludge build up in the plate heat exchanger if you act quick enough you can save the heat exchanger from as little as £69.99 and wont need a powerflush if not we can flush it but costs here start at £249.99 so you can see the quicker you act the better. you can also fit a megnetic scale reducer we recommened a magnaclean.


depending on your system we can assess what will suit you best and save you the most. We recomend using a inhibitor and cleaner either fernox or sentinal. Adey have also just released a mc1 and mc3 cleaner and inhibitor.


which is very good so if this describes your boiler please get in touch for one of our engineers to come and assess your central heating system.



Radiators hot at the top but not at the bottom


radiators that are hot at the top and cooler at the bottom are showing signs of sludge build up it may be just a case of the affending radiators needing a clean or more likely your heating system powerflushed with top quality



we only use top quality materials do it first time right! Radiators cold at the top but hot at the bottom


This is a little eaiser it may be just a simple case of radiators need bleeding you can purchase a bleed key from most places and is very simple just open the vent near the top and let the air out till you get water, if your still stuck give us a call or email to discuss more remember we dont just repair boiler/ Central heating systems/ and

common faults we also install new boilers, Radiators, pumps etc



Fed up of paying monthly fees for a service contract


If your boiler is no older then 5 years your better off just keeping it serviced rather then paying british gas etc

monthly fee after fee. your annual service should cost you no more then £59.99 so with this in mind your better off saving your pennies and getting one of our quality service engineers in to keep it in tip top condition.





If you rent out your property/ properties we can offer you a discount to look after all your appliances needs whether

it be servicing, maintenance or just your annual gas certificate were here to help. we at RGK Maintenance know that keeping your tenant happy will keep you the landlord happy so dont delay and book today we are availible 24/7 and

just a phone call or email away.