Getting over the winter blues

Get over the winter blues by reducing your heating bills with the best heating and boiler protection on the market. there have been over a million magnacleans already fitted in the uk alone and with escalating gas bills there has never been a better time to get your local and fully approved installer to fit one and here at RGK Maintenance we are offering you a credit crunching offer which consists of


• having your system performance checked and dosed the correct way

• Identifying & Installing the correct filter to suit your system

• Having piece of mind that the work comes with a 12 month guarantee as well as a 2 year warranty from the manufactuerer

• All this from as little as £199.99 supplied and fitted



Your boiler is one of the most expensive appliances in your home with maintenance calls becoming more and more regular doing the winter months theres never been a better time to reduce those callout and maintenance costs as well as reducing your gas bills. On average having a magna clean fitted could save you 1 maintenance call a year as well as 6% on your heating bills, carbon emissions can be reduced upto 250kg a year too.



Magna Clean removes the black iron oxide sludge which builds ups & damages heating systems by causing deteriation of radiator and boiler performance and causing eventual boiler breakdowns. Your magna clean Filter can be installed with a boiler service and rgk maintenance will check and service your magna clean as part of the boiler service at no extra cost protecting your system all year long. On average a new boiler installation costs between £1600 - £3000 so with magna clean you can protect your investment of your most prized asset your heating and hot water your boiler. Magna clean from adey is a award winning pioneer of magnetic filteration for more info or to book your service call/performance check Please call rob on 07868780394